Count Tea Towards Your Daily Water Intake


Water is essential to our health, that’s a given. However, it’s often difficult for people to get their recommended 2litres daily. Therefore, it’s worth emphasising that tea is also a healthy choice for hydration.

Proper hydration is essential for water and mineral balance. However, there is a common myth that because tea contains caffeine, a diuretic agent, it isn’t a good alternative to water. This isn’t the case and clinical studies have shown that tea is as good a source of hydration as water.

Thus, tea should continue to be ranked highly as a beverage of choice for its hydration qualities as well as its phytochemical profile.


Phytochemicals appear to have significant physiological effects in the body. Whether they are acting as antioxidants, mimicking hormones, stimulating enzymes, interfering with DNA replication, destroying bacteria, or binding to cell walls, they seem to work to curb the onset of diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Some phytochemicals work alone, others work in combination, and some seem to work in conjunction with other nutrients in food, such as vitamins. Two of the most important ones in tea are: Phenolic Acid and Tanins which protect against oxidative damage diseases, i.e. heart disease, stroke, cancer.





Revolution Tea is a great option to have as part of your daily hydration not only do you have 19 different flavours but each tea bag can be used for two cups of tea.


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