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Tea Talks

I think we can safely say we all associate having a cup of tea as a cathartic experience, whether it be for comfort after a busy/stressful day, warmth after escaping unfavourable weather or even as a symbol of hospitality when we have guests over.

Tea is often seen as a psychological escape, we seek solace in a calming cup of tea. Psychologist Dr Malcolm Cross, of City University London, said: “The ritual of making and drinking tea – particularly during times of stress – is at the very core of British culture.

The values and meanings of making and consuming tea are often socially associated with empathy, bonding or solidarity. We all have memories of sharing a cup of tea with a family member, friend, colleague or even someone we just met and it inciting a thought-provoking conversation. We truly believe that all the best conversations come when you are in a safe, comfortable environment with a cup of tea in hand.

At Revolution, we are always drinking tea (and hope you are too) and having great conversations or thought to provoke moments. We know our Revolution Tea community does the same and although we can send you the tea to help warm up the conversation, we, unfortunately, can’t be there for it… but maybe we can still be part of it…

We have decided to launch Tea Talks across our social media. We want to start conversations about everything and anything every week. We want you to express opinions, be passionate, excited and empowered to share your thoughts and feelings on lots of different topics, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

So check out our Facebook or Twitter page and see what we are talking about today, join in or share something that has got you talking.

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