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Why you should drink Green Tea every day

With the rise in popularity of diets like Intermittent Fasting and Ketogenic, where sugar and meals are removed, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you partner any diet with the consumption of natural, healthy drinks like tea, to assist your brain and body throughout the day. 

We at Revolution Tea start our day with Green Tea, often said to have the monopoly on improving mental and physical performance. Both Green Tea and coffee have overlapping benefits, however Green Tea can do some things that even the best coffee out there can not. It contains an amino acid that promotes relaxation and smoothes out the stimulating effects of caffeine. Many people benefit from the amino acid at night to relax and improve sleep. 

Tea and coffee both contain different ratios of stimulants: The stimulants vary from making your heart race, to more of a sedative effect on the mind, or having a stimulant effect on your periphery, in particular, your arms and legs. Drinking tea can deliver a lower but more sustained burst in brain power, while coffee is better at providing small jolts of energy. 

Tea and coffee have different antioxidants, Green tea has more antioxidants than coffee. It also contains EGCG, a compound that reduces body fat accumulation. It slows the way fat cells respond to insulin, inhibits an enzyme required to form triglycerides, and limits fat synthesis in the liver. In short, it fights to keep you from getting fat while keeping you hydrated and energised. 

The most effective Ketogenic supplement ‘Exogenous Ketones’ often contains green tea extracts. So, if you are following a keto diet, green tea should be a substantial part of your daily nutrition.

To summarise, help improve overall balance, health and fight disease, drink green tea and lots of it!

Revolution Tea offers six flavours of Green Tea, so for those of you who may find green tea sometimes has a little grassy, harsh or bitter tasting, you now have a range of flavours to enjoy. That’s why we have put together a Green Tea bundle so you can now buy all 6 flavours at a great discounted price.

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