whats in your cup
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It depends what’s in your cup…

Have you ever been standing with a cup of tea and someone’s knocked into you causing you to spill some of it?

Obviously, what is spilt depends on what is in the cup. If you have english breakfast then english breakfast would be, if you have chamomile then chamomile would be.

It’s the same in life, depending on what’s in your cup determines what spills out when knocked and therefore what damage is caused.

If your cup is filled with anger, hate and resentment that’s what comes out. However, if it’s brimming with gratitude, love and kindness then whatever knocked into you will be covered in that instead.

Although most of the time in life you are unaware of the oncoming knocks, you should be aware of what’s already in your cup. If you are unsure then observe the next time life gives you a little knock, your reaction will give you this insight. And if you decide you don’t like your current brew, work with yourself to change it and be confident that whenever life knocks you again, you will happy with contents of your spill.

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