Let Tea Guide Your Daily Routine

As humans, we are creatures of habit… Often this is debated but a brief overview of our daily life, work, sleep and eating habits would most likely confirm it. The difficulty we have is creating routines based around virtuous choices rather than destructive vices.

We would all like to claim we wake up in the morning; meditate, hydrate, exercise, eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner before getting a full night’s sleep. However, even with the best of intentions, many of us find it difficult to follow through with all or any of these for a prolonged period.

Often the two main issues with introducing a new healthier routine is 1) depriving ourselves of what is already in our life and 2) consistency after the initial motivation has passed.

To combat this it has been advised that instead of subtracting from your life, start by only adding to it. Then to avoid inconsistency have reminders throughout your day reminding you of why you are choosing a healthier path. 
We suggest one way to achieve this is to introduce a daily tea routine that is not only a healthy addition but acts as your daily reminders.
For example;

  • Start the day with an Oolong Tea to not only energise, hydrate and kickstart your metabolism but to emphasise your first choice of the day being a healthy one. This will increase your chances of many more healthy choices throughout the day.
Tip: Even if you start by having your Oolong Tea with a croissant… that’s ok, as long as you plan in the future to drop the croissant and keep the tea.
  • Around mid-morning have a Green Tea, which if drank 2hrs before eating lunch maximises your nutrient intake. Take this time to also make a healthy lunch choice and consciously base your choice on the physical health benefits from the food. 
Tip: First start by motivating yourself to have a healthy breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. This means you are going over half the day eating healthy. Later on, you can move on to cleaning up all three meals. 
  • In the afternoon treat yourself to a Herbal Mint Tea and relieve any mental stress that has built up over the day. It also reduces inflammation in the body which aids relaxation. Take this time to be conscious of the afternoon lull that may affect your ability to make healthy choices. Stay strong and remind yourself of why you want change in your life.
Tip: Schedule your afternoon tea with doing something that engages you; planning a social activity, chatting with friends on WhatsApp for 10 mins, reading your favourite publication.
  • In the evening close your day out with a Chamomile Tea. This will relax the body and mind allowing you to get a healthier, longer and deeper nights sleep. And just before you shut your eyes, give gratitude to everything positive in your day and for one last time remind yourself why you want and deserve a healthier, happier life.
Tip: Keep this light and breezy and construct a sentence that rolls off the tongue “ It was a good day to be me for these reasons 1) 2) 3)… I want this for myself because I want to be happy and proud of the person I am.